• Brass snap hook 116mm

    Brass snap hook 116mm

    - 10 % Brass

    Brass snap hooks

    Solid Brass snap hooks are ideal for marine use, as well as harnesses, flag poles, dog leads and horse leads. They are not affected by salt water and freezing temperatures.

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    Code: B225/28

    $3.006 exc. VAT


  • Jingle bell

    Jingle bell

    - 50 % Brass


    Great for falconers. Bells are used to help locate a bird while hunting. Brass

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    Code: Bell Mini

    $0.100 exc. VAT


  • Small bell

    Small bell

    - 50 % Brass


    Small bell, brass

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    Code: Bell S

    $0.660 exc. VAT


  • Rubber Webbing

    Rubber Webbing

    New - 20 %

    Rubber Webbing

    Polypropylene webbing with rubber tracers suitable for dog collars, leashes and halters. Polypropylen material. Machine washable.

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    Code: WE20/WBRU

    $14.400 exc. VAT



  • Cow bell

    Cow bell

    - 50 % Brass


    Cow bell, brass

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    Code: Bell L

    $1.650 exc. VAT


  • Slide letters 18mm

    Slide letters 18mm

    - 30 %

    Slider charms

    Top quality Crystal rhinestone slider letter. These letters feature top quality Czech stones. Ideal for your customized projects. Best use with screw post 2mm (SP-2), special designed for the custom-name collars. Chrome plated

    In Stock

    Variants: 24

    $0.455 exc. VAT


  • Double Choke chain collar

    Double Choke chain collar

    Chain collars

    Tightened choke chain collar, flat links, double row, 2 rings, welded, chrome. Infinitely variable restriction of the choking effect.

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    Variants: 10

    $0.800 exc. VAT


  • Trigger Snap hook 63mm

    Trigger Snap hook 63mm

    - 10 %

    Trigger snap hooks

    Scissor hook with movable, round swivel, zinc die cast, brass plated

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    Code: TRIGGER ...

    $0.594 exc. VAT


  • Swivel Ø 10/10 mm

    Swivel Ø 10/10 mm

    - 30 %


    Double Eye Swivel, very light, zinc die cast, chrome plated. Usage at production dog leash and leash separator for middle and small dog breeds. Suitable for a webbing and leather strap width 10mm.

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    Code: O 10/10 CP

    $0.160 exc. VAT


  • Acrylic decoration

    Acrylic decoration

    - 60 % Clearance


    Acrylic Decoration Fittings. Use fusible gun or a glue for this purpose to applicate these ornaments. Some of these fittings have holes and can be sewed as a classic button. They are perfect for dog clothes and bows.

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    Variants: 12

    $0.020 exc. VAT


  • Snap hook 66mm

    Snap hook 66mm

    - 10 %

    Haberdashery snap hooks

    Snap hook with split ring, swivel, zinc die cast, chrome plated

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    Code: 406 CP

    $0.140 exc. VAT


  • Mooring chain 1.82m

    Mooring chain 1.82m

    - 30 %

    Chains and chainlets


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    Code: TC32x6

    $1.400 exc. VAT


  • Poly Lead Rope with Snap

    Poly Lead Rope with Snap

    - 50 %

    Horse lead ropes

    This two metre long lead rope is made from tear-proof polypropylene yarn and quality snap hook, mixed colours.

    Not In Stock

    Code: VKL Hors...

    $4.000 exc. VAT