Other bits and pieces: cheap plastic jewellery boxes, necklace boxes, cow bells, cat jingle bells, dog whistles and cell phone charm strings.


  • Small bell

    Small bell

    - 50 %


    Small bell, brass

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    Code: Bell S

    $0.660 exc. VAT


  • Jingle bell

    Jingle bell

    - 50 % Brass


    Great for falconers. Bells are used to help locate a bird while hunting. Brass

    In Stock 10,032 pcs

    Code: Bell Mini

    $0.100 exc. VAT


  • Cow bell

    Cow bell

    - 50 %


    Cow bell, brass

    In Stock 1,010 pcs

    Code: Bell L

    $1.650 exc. VAT


Sample products

  • Jingle bell

    Jingle bell


    Steel Hollow Jingle bell, nickle plated

    In Stock 7,780 pcs

    Code: Jingle B...

    $0.060 exc. VAT

  • Jingle bell Blue

    Jingle bell Blue


    Beautiful for jewelry making or for cat collars. Brass with blue colouring

    In Stock 16 pcs

    Code: Bell Blue

    $0.100 exc. VAT

  • Saddlery Felt - Spring Green


    Our saddlery felt is of exceptional quality with a very attractive surface and stable colours. All of our felt is 100% pure wool. Ideal for your collar projects.

    In Stock

    Variants: 3

    $13.000 exc. VAT

  • Reflective Heat Transfer tape 15mm

    Reflective Heat Transfer tape 15mm

    Reflective tapes

    Reflective Heat Transfer tapes can be transferred to all kinds of fabric base by heat, This micro-prismatic reflective tape has the maximum nightime visibility and is used on reflective garments, collars, leashes, dog clothes, bags, caps, shoes and personal protective equipment.

    In Stock 49 pcs

    Code: REFLEX/15

    $18.000 exc. VAT

  • Whistle


    Whistles for dog

    Brass whistle for dog, range 400m, lenght 5.6cm. Nickel plated. This practical whistle is able issue high-frequency tones heavy audible human ear. It is possible adjust tone thanks to spiral mechanism. Whistle are very good helper at training dog.

    In Stock 334 pcs

    Code: WH

    $0.920 exc. VAT

  • Plastic jewellery box

    Display cards and boxes

    Plastic necklace box with soft pad. This box can be used for rhinestone collars and necklaces.

    In Stock 461 pcs

    Code: Box-3

    $0.500 exc. VAT