Other bits and pieces: cheap plastic jewellery boxes, necklace boxes, cow bells, cat jingle bells, dog whistles and cell phone charm strings.


  • Jingle bell

    Jingle bell

    - 50 % Brass


    Great for falconers. Bells are used to help locate a bird while hunting. Brass

    In Stock 10,642 pcs

    Code: Bell Mini

    $0.100 exc. VAT


  • Cow bell

    Cow bell

    - 50 %


    Cow bell, brass

    In Stock 43 pcs

    Code: Bell M

    $1.320 exc. VAT


  • Small bell

    Small bell

    - 50 %


    Small bell, brass

    In Stock 1,437 pcs

    Code: Bell S

    $0.660 exc. VAT


Sample products

  • Mobile Phone Strap

    Cell Phone Charm String

    Mobile Phone Strap has plastic buckle so you can easily attach webbing.

    In Stock 35,070 pcs

    Code: 268

    $0.073 exc. VAT

  • Jingle bell Pink

    Jingle bell Pink


    Beautiful for jewelry making or for cat collars. Brass with pink colouring

    In Stock 1,944 pcs

    Code: Bell Pink

    $0.100 exc. VAT

  • Plastic jewellery box

    Display cards and boxes

    Plastic pendant box with soft pad. This box can be used for charms or slider charms.

    In Stock

    Variants: 2

    $0.080 exc. VAT

  • Jingle bell Blue

    Jingle bell Blue


    Beautiful for jewelry making or for cat collars. Brass with blue colouring

    In Stock 16 pcs

    Code: Bell Blue

    $0.100 exc. VAT

  • Whistle with chain and snap hook

    Whistle with chain and snap hook

    Whistles for dog

    Metal whistle for dog with chain and snap hook, range 400m, chain lenght 20cm. Nickel plated. This practical whistle is able issue high-frequency tones heavy audible human ear. It is possible adjust tone thanks to spiral mechanism. Whistle are very good helper at training dog. Chainlet with snap hook make possible practical fix whistle on clothing.

    In Stock 400 pcs

    Code: WHC

    $1.270 exc. VAT

  • Display Plastic Card

    Display cards and boxes

    Card for your products, black, euro

    In Stock 6,634 pcs


    $0.200 exc. VAT