Saddlery hardware of guaranteed quality

Pet Hardware offers a complete range of saddlery hardware for saddlery, haberdashery and kynological production, merchants and specialised production of different kinds. We offer you all the components for your needs under one roof.

Pet Hardware is a Czech company that has been doing business in the field of saddlery hardware for 15 years. Pet Hardware has built a strong position on the Czech and European market. Our components are used even for the production of branded and luxury goods.

We export our products to almost 50 countries of the World

We have over 1600 items in stock and we keep expanding our product range in order to satisfy even the most demanding clients. Thanks to the constant need to increase the quality of our products, we use our own molds for zinc castings and ensure first class finish.

Our history

Pet Hardware historyPet Hardware historyPet Hardware historyPet Hardware historyPet Hardware historyPet Hardware historyPet Hardware history

In the beginning was the pet store

Our company history dates back to 1990 when the company founder Jan Grác opened a small pet shop in Přerov. We had changed the premises in 1993 and started to specialize in the manufacture and sale of pet supplies since then. We started manufacturing mainly dog’s chains and rope leads.

We suffered a great flood in 1997 during we nearly lost all goods kept in the warehouse. But it did not take us too long to recover. A few years later, PET HARDWARE was offering a large selection of saddlery hardware that was being sold throughout Europe. In 2010 we achieved great success. Export abroad was greater than domestic sale and PET HARDWARE gradually became well-known by the majority of manufacturer in Europe.

Our products are increasingly popular for its quality and favorable price. Currently, our export into the whole wide world represents 3/4 of the company's turnover. PET HARDWARE is becoming one of the leading distributors of saddlery hardware in the world.