The order was sent. What next?

You will be informed vie e-mail upon the successful receipt of your order. We will issue the pro-forma invoice in regards of your chosen payment method that will be sent to your mail. All information required for completion of the payment will be contained in the e-mail. We dispatch the goods upon the receipt of payment. We will also e-mail you after the dispatching the goods. In regards of the payment on delivery, we do not issue pro-forma invoice but we send the goods directly.

How much will a pay for shipping?

The price of postage depends on the chosen delivery method, the weight of the order, the number of packages and the country of delivery. You can find the cost of shipping for your order in the booking process while selecting the delivery method. For more information, see the delivery methods.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship the goods to almost all location around the world. The codes of the countries we do not ship to: ALA, ASM, BLM, CPV, CUB, CYP, ESH, FLK, IMN, IRN, JEY, LCA, MAF, MMR, NFK, NIU, NRU, PCN, PRK, REU, SDN, SHN, SJM, SOM, SPM, STP, TKL, VAT, VCT.

How long after receiving my order will you ship the goods?

If you make your order by 9 o’clock in the morning, we are usually able to dispatch your order on the same day, then on the next working day (payment via PayPal). With bank transfer payments, the payment is usually received within 2 or 3 days.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, payment by credit card is possible.