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[Blog] How to make a dog rope leash

Easy-to-understand manual on how to make a strong dog leash, while using your knowledge from previous articles on how to cut and solder polypropylene ropes.

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  • Eyelets Ø 6 mm - black


    Eyelets are metal rings, which serve as reinforcement to a hole in dog collar. Our eyelets are specialy designed to prevent holes from tearing in polypropylene webbing and leather collars. If you attach the eyelet by semi-automatic machine or hand press, you can use eyelet with flat washer without height. The washers will be put by hands for attaching. To set the eyelets we offer profesional hand setters and dies for our hand press. Washers need to be ordered separately. Price per unit pack !

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    Code: E12x6.0 AC

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  • Side Release Buckle 17mm, Contoured Mix

    Side Release Buckle 17mm, Contoured Mix


    Side Release Plastic Buckles

    Contoured Side release buckle, material Acetal which is much stronger than common plastic buckles. Ideal for your collars.

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  • Tri glide 17mm Blue

    Tri glide 17mm Blue


    Plastic Tri-glides

    Tri glide 17mm, acetal. Ideal for your collars.

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