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Lower transportation costs in 2015

We do not include unnecessary charges for packing in the price of your order. And this year you can benefit from prices that will take your breath away. To Germany from € 5.3, Poland € 6.8, United Kingdom € 12.18 and to other countries with a 50% discount on transportation costs.

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  • Rope - Black / Tan / Maroon

    Rope - Black / Tan / Maroon

    - 20 %


    PP Multifilament Solid Braided Rope, Top quality poly lead rope has a soft, broken-in feel, polypropylene. Ideal for your leads and leashes. 18 strands. Can be weld with Hot Air Pistol - temperature about 170°C.

    In Stock 61 pcs

    Variants: 3

    $14.585 exc. VAT


  • Synthetic strap - Black, motive

    Synthetic strap - Black, motive

    - 30 %

    Synthetic leather straps

    Synthetic straps - great material for your products - collars, leashes, harness.

    In Stock 18 pcs

    Code: BA 22

    $3.080 exc. VAT


  • Webbing - Neon Pink

    Webbing - Neon Pink

    - 10 %

    Single Color webbings

    Unicolour Webbing, Traditional strong weave. Polypropylene Webbing is similar to nylon webbing, but is lighter, less expensive, and easier to sew. Use for backpacks, bags, dog leashes, collars, belts.

    In Stock 233 pcs

    Variants: 2

    $4.950 exc. VAT