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[Blog] A guide for making dog collars from polypropylene webbing

When producing dog collars the leather can be replaced by polypropylene webbing. In our foto guide you will learn how to make such a collar using rivets and a solder.

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  • Stainless steel Self-locking buckle

    Special buckles

    Self-locking buckle, cast stainless steel. Long-lasting, of prime quality and durability. With its excellent workmanship this self-locking buckle will enhance your products like an ornament.

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  • Rubber Webbing

    Rubber Webbing

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    Rubber Webbing

    Polypropylene webbing with rubber tracers suitable to dog collars and leashes. Polypropylen material. Machine washable.

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  • Choke chain with nameplate

    Choke chain with nameplate

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    Chain collars

    Tightened collar with nameplate, round links, single row, 2 rings, welded, chrome. Infinitely variable restriction of the choking effect.

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