New embossing roll Derlin Polypropylene Ropes 10 m Belt clips

[Blog] How to make a dog rope leash

Easy-to-understand manual on how to make a strong dog leash, while using your knowledge from previous articles on how to cut and solder polypropylene ropes.

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  • Rhinestone dog collar Gracia

    Rhinestone dog collar Gracia

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    Rhinestone Dog Collars

    Rhinestone Dog Collar, Collars are all handmade. Please note: that these items are not robust and are not for frequent use, casual use only.

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  • Pro Line Diamond Lacing Chisels 3 mm (6-Prong)

    Pro Line Diamond Lacing Chisels 3 mm (6-Prong)


    Lacing & Stitching

    For 3 mm wide lace. Made from 41xx steel, these chisels have incredible strength and toughness due to the case hardening process after the chisels are formed. Beautifully finished with a black electrophoresis coating to prevent surface corrosion and provide wear resistance. These elite chisels will perform like a charm and provide you years of use.

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  • Spring snap 80mm Black

    Medium-sized Snaps Hooks

    Medium-sized snap hook, zinc die cast, matte black finish. This snap can be used for medium-sized dogs like fox-terrier, beagle, medium-sized schnauzer, beagle and other medium-sized dog breeds.

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