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[Blog] Haberdashery rings and D rings

Haberdashery rings and D rings are undoubtedly one of the most frequently used fettings in haberdashery production. Read what is the difference between them.

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  • Weave Webbing - Square

    Weave Webbing - Square

    - 50 % Clearance

    Weave webbings

    Embroidered Webbing, Traditional strong weave. Polypropylene Webbing is similar to nylon webbing, but is lighter, less expensive, and easier to sew. Use for dog leashes and collars.

    In Stock

    Variants: 3

    $5.500 exc. VAT


  • Brass snap hook 102mm

    Brass snap hook 102mm

    - 20 % Brass

    Brass snap hooks

    Solid Brass snap hooks are ideal for marine use, as well as harnesses, flag poles, dog leads and horse leads. They are not affected by salt water and freezing temperatures.

    In Stock 1,190 pcs

    Code: B225/28 LIGHT

    $1.768 exc. VAT


  • Hunting belt buckle

    Hunting belt buckle


    Belt buckles

    Best choice for your belt projects. Buckle is without rollers therefore there is no tinkling. Material is zinc die cast, antique brass.

    In Stock 855 pcs

    Code: PH76548/40

    $1.300 exc. VAT