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[Blog] How to rivet snap fasteners

Snap buttons are known to people as snap fasteners. Read our article, find out which kind exist and in particular how they are riveted (pressed).

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  • Acrylic decoration

    Acrylic decoration

    - 60 % Clearance


    Acrylic Decoration Fittings. Use fusible gun or a glue for this purpose to applicate these ornaments. Some of these fittings have holes and can be sewed as a classic button. They are perfect for dog clothes and bows.

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    Variants: 12

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  • Round leather lace 4mm - Grey (2nd class quality)

    Round leather lace 4mm - Grey (2nd class quality)

    - 30 % Clearance

    Round Leather

    Round leather cord - Leather lace is used in jewellery, leads and tracking lines. The minimum length for 1 leather cord is 5 metres.

    In Stock 4 pcs

    Code: LL/4 GREY

    $17.150 exc. VAT


  • Dog Pug

    Dog Pug


    Decorative rivets

    Decorative Rivets are Die-Cast solid material, for leather thickness up to 4,0mm. Dress up your Dog's collar!

    In Stock 4,200 pcs

    Code: DOG 10

    $0.095 exc. VAT