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  • Belt clip 16mm

    Belt clip 16mm


    Metal Belt Clips

    Belt clip, of 0.8 mm thick, nickel plated metal, 68 mm long, 16 mm wide. Ideal for knife, cellphone, or weapon holsters. Attaches by a single rivet, the rivet hole is 4 mm in diameter.

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  • Ring catch

    Ring catch



    Ring catch (Spring Ring), of nickel-plated zinc. Ideal for outdoor activities, as a key ring/snap, and various other uses.

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  • Solid brass Swivel Ø 17/17 mm

    Solid brass Swivel Ø 17/17 mm

    New Brass


    Heavy double Eye Swivel, solid brass, polished. Usage at production dog leashes and leash separator for middle dog breeds. Suitable for a leather width up to 15 mm.

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  • Stamped stainless steel Tri glide

    Metal Tri-glides

    Stainless steel Tri glide, Heavy Duty Stopper, Heavy Duty Keeper. Strap Hardware for adjusting strap length, made of Stamped out of 2mm Stainless Steel AISI 304 (40mm and 50mm 2.5mm), these are almost indestructable as weight retainers or harness hardware. Great for webbing belts and carrying straps to adjust the length and neatly manage the slack by doubling it over.

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  • Sliding Bar Buckle

    Sliding Bar Buckle

    Metal Tri-glides

    Metal sliding bar adjustable buckle slide (square shaped). Buckle for making ajustable backpack, luggage or handbag shoulder straps. Steel, Nickel plated.

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  • Pulley


    Other Hardware

    Pulley, zinc die cast, nickel plated. Single, fixed eye.

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  • Swivel Ø 6/6 mm

    Swivel Ø 6/6 mm


    Double Eye Swivel, zinc die cast, chrome plated. Usage at production show dog leash for small dog breeds, leash for puppy and cat. Suitable for a leather strap, webbings width 5-6mm and round cord of any material dia 5-6mm, or for combination different materials .

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  • Brass Saddlery Flat Loop

    Metal Loops

    Good choise for your collars, belts or other saddlery products. Brass

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  • Metal Side Release Buckle

    Metal Side Release Buckle

    Metal Side Release Buckles

    The contoured metal side release buckle is stronger and heavier than the plastic buckle. Just like our standard quick release buckles but for ultra heavy duty applications. Made of zinc diecast with stainless steel pins ands springs. Operates without freezing in sub-zero temperatures.

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