Slide letters 12mm

Slide letters 12mm

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Top quality Crystal rhinestone slider letter. These letters feature top quality Czech stones. Ideal for your customized projects. Best use with screw post 2mm (SP-2), special designed for the custom-name collars. Chrome plated

Inside diameterFinish
12mm - ACP
12mm - BCP
12mm - CCP
12mm - DCP
12mm - ECP
12mm - FCP
12mm - GCP
12mm - HCP
12mm - ICP
12mm - JCP
12mm - KCP
12mm - LCP
12mm - MCP
12mm - NCP
12mm - OCP
12mm - PCP
12mm - QCP
12mm - RCP
12mm - SCP
12mm - TCP
12mm - UCP
12mm - VCP
12mm - WCP
12mm - XCP
12mm - YCP
12mm - ZCP

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