Roller buckle

Roller buckle

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Roller buckle, single prong, nickel plated steel. Best seller. Ideal for belts, bags and a wide variety of leathergoods.

Inside diameterHeightDFinish
10mm (3/8")6mm2.0mmNP
12mm  (1/2")8mm2.0mmNP
14mm (1/2")8mm2.5mmNP
16mm (5/8")10mm2.7mmNP
18mm (3/4")14mm2.7mmNP
20mm (3/4")14mm3.0mmNP
22mm (7/8")13mm3.0mmNP
24mm (7/8")15mm3.2mmNP
26mm (1")15mm3.2mmNP
28mm (1 1/8")17mm3.2mmNP
30mm (1 1/8")18mm4.0mmNP
35mm (1 1/4")22mm4.4mmNP
40mm (1 1/2")23mm5.0mmNP
50mm (2")31mm6.0mmNP

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