Horse halter black

Horse halter black

Made by Pferdeschmuck-deluxe - Elke Rheinbay

Black and gold combination. Bronze saddlery fittings.

Use these components

  • Saddlery Flat Loop

    Saddlery Flat Loop

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    Good choise for your collars, belts or other saddlery products with brass hardware. Brass plated.

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    Variants: 5

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  • Solid Brass Collar Buckle

    Solid Brass Collar Buckle


    Collar buckles

    The most popular collar buckle called as double bar buckle, you needn´t to use extra strap holder. Solid brass, polished.

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    Variants: 4

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  • Brass snap hook 57mm

    Brass snap hooks

    Solid Brass snap hooks are ideal for harnesses, flag poles, dog leads and horse leads. They are not affected by salt water and freezing temperatures.

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