Horse halter with crown

Horse halter with crown

Made by кудюрова ольга викторовна

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  • Halter square

    Halter square

    3 Sided halter square, chrome plated. Strap opening width is 25mm. Nice for a variety of harness styles. The center hole can hold a fourth strap, or be open for a clip, lock, etc.

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  • Welded ring with welded triangel

    Welded ring with welded triangel


    Welded ring with welded triangel, nickel plated. A multifunctional product, these Rings with triangel can be used on a wide array of purposes, but chiefly in saddlerya nd cynology workshops. First, it is used as fitting the halter - ring is part of the halter (harness) and welded triangle is attached carabiner leads (leash). Height of the triangle is 22 mm. The inner diameter of the ring is 38.2 mm, wire thickness 6.2 mm wire.

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  • Double Bar Halter Buckle

    Halter buckles

    Double Bar Halter Buckle 38g, The best choice for your halter projects. Zinc die cast, chome plated.

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