Dog collars bubble stone

Dog collars bubble stone

Made by Eva Tylšarová

Extraordinary and elegant design for your dog. Made of american cotton cloth in bubble stoun design, inside is softshell. Metal side release buckle to fasten.

Use these components

  • Tri glide 30mm

    Tri glide 30mm

    Plastic Triglide Slides

    Tri glide 30mm, acetal. Ideal for your collars.

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  • Steel D ring

    Steel D ring


    Welded D ring, nickel plated steel. These solid dees are ideal for your dog collars.

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    Variants: 17

    $0.077 exc. VAT

  • Metal Side Release Buckle

    Metal Side Release Buckle

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    Metal Side Release Buckles

    The contoured metal side release buckle is stronger and heavier than the plastic buckle. Just like our standard quick release buckles but for ultra heavy duty applications. Made of zinc diecast with stainless steel pins ands springs. Operates without freezing in sub-zero temperatures.

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    Variants: 6

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