Decorated dog collar

Decorated dog collar

Made by - Agter, Denise

Leather dog collar decorated with chaton round rivets and pyramid rivets.

Use these components

  • Steel Welded Ring

    Steel Welded Ring


    Steel Welded O Ring, nickel plated. A multifunctional product, these Welded Rings can be used on a wide array of purposes, but chiefly in saddlery, cynology or haberdashery workshops.

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    Variants: 10

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  • Chaton Rivet Red - closed (100 pcs)

    Chaton Rivet Red - closed (100 pcs)

    Chaton Rivets

    Chaton Rivet, Punch through materials as leather, synthetic leather, etc... and realize a high quality dog collars. Price per unit pack !

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    Variants: 2

    $9.000 exc. VAT

  • Pyramid Rivet

    Pyramid Rivet

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    Pyramid Rivets

    Pyramid Rivets are Die-Cast solid material, for leather thickness up to 4,0mm. Dress up your Dog's collar!

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