Cosmetic bag pink

Cosmetic bag pink

Made by Lukáš Ardolf

Leather handmade cosmetic bag.

Use these components

  • Draw Gauge

    Draw Gauge

    Leather Cutters

    Aluminium handle draw gauge, Professional model tool for cutting up to 10cm wide strips and straps. Polished head and pre-marked measurements on slide. Replacement blade available item. no. #3085-02. The measures on the ruler are shown in inches.

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    Variants: 2

    $42.040 exc. VAT

  • Double cap rivet

    Double cap rivet

    Double Cap Rivets

    Steel double cap rivet, two finished side, clipped. The choice for a finished look to both sides of your projects. Price per unit pack !

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    Variants: 8

    $9.500 exc. VAT

  • Rivet Setter

    Rivet Setter

    Rivet Setters

    For the Rivets: 6,8,10 and 12mm

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    Variants: 4

    $7.500 exc. VAT

  • Craftool Heavy Duty Oblong Punch

    Craftool Heavy Duty Oblong Punch

    Leather Punch Tools

    Craftool Heavy Duty Oblong Punch you use on all bag & straps wide 1.27cm (1/2"), 1.91cm (3/4“), 2.54cm (1“), 3.81cm (1 1/2"). Hand-forged bag/oblong punches used by professional bag and strap manufactures. Use #3461 Protecto Board or #3464 Poly Cutting Board as a base to punch into. This will help protect your tools and your table top.

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    Variants: 4

    $59.280 exc. VAT

  • Craftool French Edge Skiving Tool

    Craftool French Edge Skiving Tool

    Leather Cutters

    Easy to use for both left and right-handers. Gouge, skives and channels up to 1/4" (0,6 cm) wide. Also countersinks rivets. Contoured wood handle.

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    Code: 88080-00

    $13.720 exc. VAT

  • Craftool Adjustable Creaser

    Craftool  Adjustable Creaser

    Leather Cutters

    For parallel lines, inside borders, decorative work and more. Adjusts quickly from a fine line to 5/16" wide.

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    Code: 8072-00

    $15.800 exc. VAT